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Minimal invasive parathyroid surgery


Parathyroid is a secreting gland, which is located at the rear of the primary thyroid gland. The main objective of this gland is to regulate the calcium levels within our bodies. Any damage to this gland can lead to hypocalcaemia where the calcium levels are higher than normal or hypocalcaemia when the calcium is lower than the normal level.

The average number of thyroid glands in a human body is four; however, this may vary from one individual to another. These are found in pairs on both sides of the thyroid gland. There is a potential risk of damaging the parathyroid gland during a thyroidectomy procedure. This type of minimal invasive surgery is suitable for patients suffering from problems associated with their parathyroid. Several parathyroid symptoms require the patient to undergo a surgical procedure to overcome their conditions.

One of the common symptoms where doctors use this minimal invasive surgery is parathyroid adenoma, which is a non-cancerous growth in the glands. Also known as benign cancer, this growth can easily be removed using this surgical procedure. This type of procedure is popular with physicians and patients, because it requires only a small incision, which does not leave a visible scar. The incision is only about one inch in length, which is as small as the size of the dime.

Patients undergoing this procedure may be either provided anesthesia or sedation, which is determined by the surgeon and the anesthetist. Another advantage of this procedure is that the time taken to complete this minimal invasive surgery is less than thirty minutes. The surgery is provided as an outpatient procedure, which allows the patient to be discharged within a couple of hours if the vital signs are normal. Additionally, the time taken to recover from this surgical procedure is lesser than the traditional method. Lastly, this method of being operated costs significantly lower than the conventional surgeries.

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