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Trends in sports medicine


The medical facilities across the United States of America are showing a growing trend by opening sports medicine division within their facilities. A larger number of new orthopedic physicians are choosing this specialized field as their expertise. Some medical facilities are completely overhauled to become specialized sports medicine centers.

One must be aware that surgery is not the only option to overcome sports injuries. The treatment for an injured sports person requires the combined efforts of physical therapist, nutritionist, sports psychologist, and athletic trainers. Therefore, a growing trend shows that sports medicine facilities will provide all these services in a single location where experts are able to provide superior care to the patients.

Presently, several centers focus on offering treatment to athletes where medical attention is provided to injured athletes during training games. Moreover, most centers are focusing on creating awareness and educating people on how to prevent such injuries. Therefore, more physicians are trying to prevent using intervention by creating awareness on the prevention aspect while training,

Another growing trend in sports medicine is the technical development occurring in the surgical procedures to treat knee injuries. Moreover, huge development in the field of anatomical reconstruction is increasing. The research in biomechanics and scaffold development will provide superior results for reconstruction of ligaments.

Moreover, knee surgeries will also witness advanced technical development to enable sports persons to cope with their injuries and recover quicker. Additionally, plenty of research is presently ongoing as new techniques for cartilage restoration are being sought. Therefore, the requirement for knee replacement surgeries is estimated to reduce during the future.
Some other key trends in the field of sports medicine include the use of shock wave therapies to treat sprains, minimal invasive surgical procedures to reduce the recovery time and complications of surgeries, enhanced MRI scanning technology for improved and more accurate diagnosis, and managing concussions due to injuries.

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