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Relieve spinal stenosis with minimally invasive surgery


Spinal stenosis is the medical term used to describing the narrowing of the spinal canal. The narrowing that affects the center of the canal produces pressure on the spinal cord while such a narrowing on the sides may pressurize the nerves. This is one of the most common causes of back pain, which ranges from infrequent discomfort to severe and continuous pain. Several people suffering from this disorder suffers from pain or weakness in the legs when they try to walk long distances. If not treated, spinal stenosis limits the mobility of the person thus resulting in his or her disability.

Although, this disorder can be caused due to numerous reasons, the most common cause is the normal aging process of an individual. This results in the degeneration of the spine thus leading to lumbar or cervical spondylosis. One of the major disadvantages of suffering from spinal stenosis is that there is no cure for this and it is a progressive disorder. However, you can undertake several treatments to alleviate the pain and other symptoms of this disorder.

One important aspect to control this disorder is to exercise regularly and keep as active as possible. If the normal treatment methods do not help the patients, they may need to undergo a surgical procedure. The primary reason of the minimally invasive surgery is to resolve the claudication of the nerves and relieve the back ache. Most often a simple decompression is adequate to help the patients while very few people may actually require a spinal fusion.

The minimally invasive surgery of the spine uses minute endoscopic instruments fitted with cameras to remove the spinal stenosis with very minor incisions. Several medical experts use laser technology to vaporize the area surrounding the stenosis. The minimally invasive surgery does not require the admission of the patients because it is an out patient procedure. This procedure ensures minimum scarring while being beneficial in overcoming the spinal stenosis.

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