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What is an Arthroscope


An arthroscope can be defined as a tube-like instrument that is inserted into a part of the body usually by an orthopedic surgeon to examine specific areas internally in order to determine the diagnosis as well as the treatment options for a particular condition. The tube, which is usually small, is composed of lenses, a lighting device, and a video camera. The camera is extremely helpful for it allows the surgeon to see the area that is being investigated clearly and with little disruption to the surrounding tissue and organs. It works also as an aid to the orthopedic surgeon in gauging the progress of the surgery conducted. Years back, the arthroscope was only used for diagnostic purposes but with recent developments it is used during actual surgery operations.
An operation that involves the insertion of an arthroscope into the body is usually referred to as arthroscopy. Sometimes it can be referred to as keyhole surgery as this resembles the size of the incision made to insert the instrument. It is a procedure that actually allows the surgeon to see the inside of a joint or any other part of the body being operated on without the need for major surgery taking place. The arthroscope is inserted via an incision in the body and as such anesthetic may be discussed with the patient to minimize pain.
Recovery from an arthroscopy treatment depends on the patient

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