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What is Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is a course of treatment that involves diagnosing and treating problems related to the musculoskeletal system. It aims at restoring full functional independence of a limb or any other part of the body. The most common methods utilized in this field include exercise, use of heat or cold, and massage among others. It is a type of treatment you might need should you have health problems that make it hard for you to perform daily tasks that require bodily movements. Physical therapy gives you the ability to move better and eliminate pain. It helps in restoring physical function of the body and may improve your fitness level.

Physical therapists are licensed medical professionals who hold a masters or doctorate degree in the field. They not only evaluate and diagnose musculoskeletal problems but also manage the therapy plan for each individual case.

The therapy is usually recommended by an orthopedic physician when it is deemed to be beneficial to the patient. Patients requiring physical therapy are of all ages including newborn babies, adults, and even geriatrics. The therapy has been used in treating many disorders over the years. More common issues that physical therapists attend to are; sport injuries, neurological and muscular ailments, and cardiopulmonary diseases. The therapy generally involves patient and therapist interaction in order to successfully restore movement and functions of the affected parts. The goal is to restore ability so that the patient can continue to perform daily tasks and activities easily.

Major ailments that may require physical therapy might be back pain, tendon or ligament injuries or problems, muscular tears, Parkinson

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