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Orthopedic patient care covers a wide range of treatments, surgical and post-surgical care, physical therapy after care, the construction of specially designed braces for abnormalities and much more. If hospitalization is needed for open surgery and minimally invasive surgery there is the best of nursing care available to ensure that your hospital stay is pleasant. All meals are planned by a dietician and are designed to feed the body optimally for healing, so that the recovery time is as short as possible.

After major surgery like a hip replacement, the whole body is quite traumatized and requires a balanced diet, plenty of rest and gentle physical therapy until the person is mobile again. All vitals are monitored hourly after surgery to ensure that any problems are picked up early. Patients needing long term hospitalization will have a regular exercise program as well as physical therapy every day which is important to avoid bed sores, stiff muscles and withered limbs.

Patient care also includes the psychological well-being of the person as it is recognized that trauma and hospitalization can have a psychological impact as well as a physical one. Psychologists assess every patient and can give counseling to those who need it. Often after car accidents and bad horse riding falls, the patient is in shock for a few days and therapy can help prevent any long term problems developing.

Patient care is also important for out-patient clinics where chiropractic adjustments are done, physical therapy and reflexology. There are preferred warm up treatments for the muscles, special pain clinics and psychological counseling available for patients as often as they need it. There are also clinics to teach joint care, correct repetitive strain habits and workshops for home treatments which you can learn to do yourself for pain relief and mobility.

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