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What is repetitive strain injury?


The repetitive strain injury which is abbreviated as RSI is also known as Cumulative Trauma Disorder. It can also be referred to as Musculoskeletal Disorder. The RSI is basically used in the description of the painful conditions emanating from the muscles, tendons and other soft tissues. Just as the name depicts, the problem is caused mainly by the repetitive use of certain body parts. The condition is generally occupation related. However, some leisure activities can lead to the condition. All in all, unlike the common strain, the symptoms of the repetitive strain injury can persist.

The basic cause of the repetitive strain injury is repetitive movement of the body parts. This could include typing, the use of a computer mouse, and other minor and complex chores that most people take for granted. The condition has also been found to result from poor posture, the use of excessive force and lack of breaks from tasks. The precise reason for the RSI development is still indistinct.

In most cases, the patients experiencing the repetitive strain injury witness no swelling, inflammation or any other visible developments. The symptoms are greatly determined by the type of repetitive action taken. They can develop on the arms, hands, shoulder, wrists, legs, ankle, back among other parts of the body. Certain sports have also been accredited to the development of the problem.

In spite of the severity of the repetitive strain injury ranging from one person to another, the symptoms are similar. The most common symptoms include minor and severe pain, swelling, inflammation, body stiffness, decreased joint movement, numbness and tingling sensation. The symptoms get worse with time if the proper care is not taken.

There are a number of measures that one can put in place to avoid the repetitive strain injury. However, the assurance of a number of aspects can help in resolving and avoiding the problem. One should ensure comfort in the work area, safety and the handling of manageable workload.

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