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Workers compensation is just so much more that an insurance these days. They are leaders in rehabilitation and return to work programs and occupational health and safety is a worker’s compensation initiative. The early diagnosis of repetitive strain injuries’ pre conditions can be reversed before the onset of a serious injury. Careful studies into occupational risks, injury prevention and ergonomics are aiming for total prevention of future RSI related injuries, by tackling the problem before it becomes serious. People are often not aware for years that they were doing damage to their body doing a work related activity.
Workers compensation will take care of any injuries or complaints related to occupational health and safety issues. At the slightest sign of discomfort, any numbness, headaches or stiffness see your workers compensation medical practitioner for advice. If your office furniture is not comfortable and giving you a sore neck or back, an ergonomic chair and desk may help you and avoid you suffering an injury in the future. Workers compensation has health and safety experts that can advise you. You may be asked to fill in an activity information survey which will give the health and safety officers vital details needed to provide you with the best care.

Rehabilitation is a priority of workers compensation and includes any orthopedic treatments and surgeries, corrective physical therapy and chiropractic manipulations It is the aim of workers compensation to get you back to work as quickly as possible so every option for speedy recovery is considered. After a major injury or surgery it is recognized that there is a not a lot of additional therapies that can be used until you are over the critical healing. Three months of therapy is considered the maximum for a rehabilitation period after a serious injury but most patients need less than 2 months and physical therapy is vastly responsible for this.

Workers compensation also offers psychological therapy with psychologists assessing every work related injury. Often the psychological trauma is more profound than the physical one, such as with gunshot wounds, which will heal quickly once the bullet is removed. Psychological damage from the trauma could take months or even years to get over and Workers compensation can provide therapies, support and reduced hour return to work schedules, to help you through this difficult time.

Whatever your job requires you to do as part of the daily activities, whether it is manual labor, computer work or somewhere in between, you need to have workers compensation insurance to protect you from unexpected injury.

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