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A sprained ankle is also known as a rolled ankle, twisted ankle and an ankle ligament injury and is an injury where one or more of the ligaments is torn or partially torn. An awkward landing or uneven ground will cause a sprained ankle especially when running. This is the reason that athletes train on smooth running tracks to avoid sustaining injuries like a sprained ankle that can occur running on grass where the ground is uneven.

Ankles sprain more often than they are break and in fact a sprain is usually far more painful than a break, particularly the ankle. Sprained ankles are common in all sports especially running sports where the ankle can turn when traveling at a fast pace. After a bad ankle injury the healing ligaments are quite weak and the ankle may need to be strapped for some months before it is strong again. Physical therapy will aid in successful healing and full mobility can be restored after an injury.

Skiers also sprain their ankles on downhill slopes despite the fact that they wear ankle boots. Falling on the ski slopes can cause you to break or sprain the ankle. After the fall you should remain still until paramedics have assessed the damage. After a sprain from skiing you will need to abstain from the sport for the rest of the season to give your body time to heal from this type of injury.

Orthopedic specialists have developed especially designed braces for the use in ankle repair, allowing the patient to put weight on the ankle while it is healing. Each brace is made especially for the patient and is custom fit to allow for adjustment for comfort and functionality. Orthopedic braces can be worn for several months to keep the ankle ligaments in place while they are healing. Apart from braces, bandaging is also used during after care and acts as ample support for the healing ankle, as long as you are not over active and playing sports.

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