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Knee injuries result from either a bad fall or trauma as well as from chronic overuse and will result in inflammation and its accompanying symptoms of pain, swelling, redness, and warmth. With today’s active lifestyles knee injuries are not uncommon in both children and adults. Knee pain does however have a variety of different causes and there are various treatments for each cause.

Knee injuries are common with footballers as their knees seem to get both knocked around and strain put on them from kicking the ball. Knee injuries can be a difficult injury to heal and sometimes complete immobility is necessary during an initial healing stage. If this is the case you will need regular physical therapy session after healing, to get the joint supple again after its period of immobility and to put weight on it again.

Many knee injuries happen over time without the person actually realizing there is a problem and then one day the pain starts. This is often the first time they realize they have been subjecting their knee to chronic overuse. Some jobs require employees to do a repetitive activity which puts stress on their knee joints over time. It may be years later after the person has left that job that knee problems start, first a little pain and then periods of inflammation and redness.A knee injury will need complete rest, some physical therapy, possibly a temporary brace and medication. Some knee injuries require surgery which an orthopedic surgeon will recommend if it is necessary.

A common knee injury is a ligament tear of the medial collateral ligament which happens when playing sports of all kind. Footballers often get this kind of injury from changing direction too quickly and as the leg twists the ligament tears. It can also occur when a player is keeping a rigid stance and another player tackles his legs. The knee gets knocked and twisted causing the ligament to tear.

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